Lucy Ferrar - Practice Manager

General Consultation

£ 250


40 minutes

A general consultation would be required if you are seeking advice regarding neurological symptoms that you are experiencing or if you would like a review on a pre-existing neurological condition.


This is the most common type of consultation that people will require.

Dementia Assessment

£ 400


60 minutes

This is a specialised appointment for assessing someone for possible Dementia. The consultation will also include a comprehensive Cognitive Assessment as part of the diagnostic process.


It is highly recommended that a family member or a close friend attend the appointment with you in order to provide additional information which might be useful in making the diagnosis.

Follow-Up Consultations

£ 150


20 minutes

If you have already had an initial consultation with Dr Chan and you require a further review appointment for your condition or if you need to go through the results of any tests or scans that have been performed, then this is the appointment that you need.

Investigations (MRI and CT scans, EEG, EMG etc.)



Should you require any tests as part of your diagnostic work-up, any tests required will be discussed at your appointment with Dr Chan. The cost of these vary and are charged by the hospital performing them and not by Dr Chan.

For MRI and CT scans, you will be provided with a range of locations in London or Kent to allow you to choose a location that is the most convenient for you.


Lucy Ferrar - Practice Manager


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