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Our Consulting Locations



Opt for the ease and comfort of a setting of your choice.

Canary Wharf London


A choice of various locations within The City of London.



A relaxed environment in leafy Walderslade.

Virtual Consultations

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been conducting virtual consultations to maximise the safety of our patients whilst still being able to conduct comprehensive neurological assessments. This method of consulting has proven to be extremely effective for the majority of our clients who have given us very positive feedback. In addition to the convenience of being assessed whilst in the comfort of your own home, it also reduces unnecessary travel for you. 


Consultations are conducted on a PC or mobile device (smartphone or tablet). In order to protect your privacy, consultations conducted through Zoom are secured by digital encryption and are password protected. Access to a consultation is only granted through a link sent directly to your email address.

Virtual consultations remain the most popular method of being seen as it enables us to offer more flexible appointment slots whilst providing you with the convenience of being seen at a location of your own choosing, whether it be at your workplace, or at home.

If it is felt during a consultation that further investigations are required for your condition (eg. MRI scans or EEG), you will still be referred to a variety of centres for these tests to be done in person.   (Click here to find out more on where you can have these tests done).

Using the Laptop

Face-To-Face Consultations


Image by Fred Moon



We offer face to face consultations at various locations within the City of London. Click on the links above to find a location where you would prefer to be seen.


Spire copy.jpg
Spire Alex.jpg
Spire MRI.jpg


Alexandra Hospital

We continue to hold face to face consultations at the Spire Alexandra Hospital in Walderslade, Kent.


Remote Prescribing

Once you have had your consultation, should you require treatment with medications, we can also offer Private Prescriptions remotely. Your prescription will be completed electronically with Pharmacierge who will then contact you and post your medications out to you after you have completed your payment with them over the phone. This will also save you the inconvenience of having to visit the chemist in person.


Please note that we do not offer paper prescriptions or NHS prescriptions. If this is what you prefer, you will need obtain this from your own GP as this is not something that we are able to provide.

As part of good clinical practice, we are also unable to provide any further prescriptions if you have not been reviewed by Dr Chan for more than six months.  If you require long term prescriptions, you should continue to obtain this from either an NHS or a private GP service.

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